Pastors & Staff

Brian Birkhimer

Lead Pastor

Pastor Brian has been with our church for twenty-one years.  He shares the word of God weekly with our church, boldly speaking the truth even when it is hard to hear. He serves with his wife Rhonda. They have two adult children, one who serves on the tech team, and one who serves as a teacher for our Deep Seekers program. 

Rick Perkins

Congregational Care Pastor

Pastor Rick ministers in our church community to make sure needs are met. He often does hospital visits, physical need management, and any other care needs that may come up. 

Phil McAllister

First Elder

Phil ministers as our first elder through his careful attention to detail. He is often the one to go during a sermon or lesson when we need to find a scripture or look up a word in Greek. Phil serves with his wife Cindy who works with the Youth. They have two grown children who serve in their respective churches across our area. 

Mitch Higgins

Second Elder

Mitch ministers at Buchanan through teaching the word and in our worship ministry. He focuses on topical and story studies from unique perspectives.  He offers wisdom to individuals seeking to step into a deeper relationship with Christ. He serves with his wife Diane. They have two grown sons and three beautiful grandchildren. 

Daniel Patrick

Worship Leader/ Third Elder

Our church values using music as an avenue to connect people to Jesus. Danny works with the worship team every week to choose songs and music, inviting people into the presence of Jesus. He and his wife Vickie have served at Buchanan since their marriage in 1994. They have one adult daughter who serves on the worship team at Buchanan.

Dawn Holt

Youth Leader

Dawn Holt is an essential part of our youth team. She stays on her toes, coming up with creative ideas to keep our youth group active and engaged. Dawn serves with her husband Steve.

Diane Higgins

Sunday School Superintendent

Diane works closely with Dawn and our youth team teachers to make sure our kids are engaged in the truth of the gospel. She has 15-plus years of experience working with youth. She serves alongside her husband Mitch who is an elder at Buchanan.